2.77 Precision Product Design

Here is some documentation of the work I did as part of MIT’s Precision Product Design course I am taking with Prof. Alex Slocum in the spring of 2017. Over the course of a semester, I will design, build, and test a computer-controlled standing desk (a.k.a. sit-to-stand desk, adjustable-height desk, etc.) while learning and practicing deterministic design methods through other assignments.

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Design and analytical exercises to practice applying concepts learned in class.


Anything involving hands-on fabrication. Ranges from toys for building design intuition to functional parts for the standing desk.

Seek and Geek

Each week, I will take a look at an interesting mechanism or machine that I come across in my life.

Take-home Exams

These are short (~20 mins) in-class or take-home exercises usually focused on first-order analysis of some machine or component. I like to think of them as blitz feasibility analyses.

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